Christmas Party Do’s and Don’ts

It’s that time of the year– Christmas parties are being thrown at your job or by friend and family members.


Instead of being the party guest that everyone talks about for the wrong reason be the guest that everyone wants back at their party next year.

Whether it’s work or friends all the rules still apply.

Tip Jar.

Don’t :

+ skip out on attending the party. This is a great time to see your coworkers in a different atmosphere– people will be relaxed and a lot more friendly. And you don’t have to talk about work. Also it’s good for your boss to see you participating in company functions. Network!

+ drink too much Alcohol. One glass of wine or mixed drink is enough. Even if you think you can handle your alcohol– moderation is key and perception is everything. You don’t want to be the person who keeps going to the bar.

+ hook up (this isn’t Avoid office one night stands. Or any one night stands– especially if you’re attending a friends function.


+ bring something (your office party may have everything, but still ask) Ask the hostess — don’t commit to bringing something you can’t make or is too much of a hassle.

+ mix and mingle. Of course your friends will be around at the party but talk to other people you don’t know. Small talk while getting food is always easy.

+ utilize uber. Just in case you over indulge at your friend or families function please don’t drive after drinking check out uber in your area.

+ wear something you love (and appropriate) but is comfortable. It’s nothing worse than having to adjust your dress all night.

+ thank the host. Do this before leaving.



All you can eat Junk.


I’m an information junkie. I love reading. I subscribe to so many newsletters and I google just about everything – I need to know.

I’m on twitter, Facebook, Instagram, google plus, and LinkedIn. Then I follow fellow bloggers and read their amazing writing. My emails are alerting me every five minutes with the next course that someone is offering to help me expand my brand. I feel like I’m at an all you can eat buffet and I have totally consumed way too much of everything.

Don’t get me wrong great information will help you grow as an individual and as a business owner but you can experience information overload. Now instead of really reading and gaining something from all the above I skim over everything probably miss the key points or what I really need.

You can take in so much of what everyone else thinks until you begin to lose your own clear creative thoughts. Sometimes it’s necessary to back away from the buffet line and dine alone — so you can see what you bring to the table.

Tip Jar.

+ Remove the clutter (less is more). Go through your social media, emails and subscriptions and see what needs go. Are these things you are following relevant to where you are going? If it’s relevant keep it but try not to subscribe to over two or three. Once it’s served its purpose move on to the next.

+ Is it toxic? Have you ever been on your social media and continue to see excessive negative complaining– status updates. I think we give people too many passes to pour negativity into us. You can always opt for the mute option or just let the person go via the cyber world.

+ Dine in. Believe it or not there are some creative ideas swimming around in your mind. Let go of the fear and write it out. Take the time to really commit to an idea you have and develop it.




How do you plan to let the clutter go in your life?



Let’s go back to kindergarten

Face it we will all never agree on everything it’s just not possible. We were all raised differently, have different values and beliefs. And we all believe are way and opinion is better than anyone else’s.


But instead of trying to see the other person’s perspective we usually continue to ram our ideas down the person’s throat – which usually brings about serious conflict.

I personally struggle with working, dealing and interacting with people after we have had continuous conflict with one another. Yes I can forgive but my moving on and forgetting is pretty shaking. To the point that I don’t want to hear you or desire your assistance with anything.

I can see the person that I have had conflict with and be struggling with bags in my hands and bypass their help because hey – I am strong all by myself.

Foolish of me.

“As individuals we’re impressive but together we are unstoppable.”

My relationship with my girlfriends from college (we’ve been friends since 1999) has taught me how important it is to work together. When are cheering each other on we are so unstoppable.

“We all bring a gift to our circle” – Angie

Disappointments from family, friends, relationships and coworkers has tainted the lessons we learned as kids. We need to go back to kindergarten.


Tip Jar.

+ Forgive Quickly. When we were younger we forgave moved on and didn’t bring up the past anymore. Of course I’m not saying fall for the same games. But sometimes you just have to let things go. Bringing up yesterday only hurts today.

+ Tell the Truth. Kids say anything. Tell the truth in love. Never hold in what needs to be said. Of course you need to say it with kindness.

+ Laugh Uncontrollably. Laugh at each other, laugh at yourself. The point is to have fun.

+ Support One Another. It’s the best feeling in the world to have people who care about you cheering in the background. Do more of that.

+ Follow the Leader. You will have your chance to be the line leader. But guess what – you won’t be the go to person all the time!



As I finish typing this we are fussing about making plans to see each other and I can’t make any dates🙂


Leave it in 2014


Soon you will start to see people post, declare, write and claim their New Year’s Resolution. And to tag along with these wonderful, amazing well intentions will be people who let you know they are sick of these false promises aka resolutions.


New Year’s Resolutions aren’t bad—yes we all can go over board at times because really we all look forward to starting off with a bang.

I’m not here to discourage you from being better but sometimes in order to be better we need to let some things go.

Tip Jar. – What to leave in 2014

+ Ranting your personal business on any social media. Pick up the phone and tell the people who actually love and care about you. Facebook isn’t therapy.

+ Gossiping about people. Excessive attention to others means you are taking away from the time you could be devoting to your dreams, family and business.

+ Setting unrealistic goals. If you haven’t been to the gym all year don’t commit to seven days a week. Start off gradual and then build.

+ Being Jealous. Be happy with the life you are living. Strive for your own goals and put in the work. Remember no one can do what you can do.


+ Spending money you don’t have. Unnecessary debt will have you stressed out. Learn to save, plan and even tell yourself no to impulsive spending.

+ Being afraid to love. Don’t allow past disappoints to force you into believing that love isn’t possible. Get up and keep trying.

+ Not making time for your loved ones. Make time period.

+ Always having your phone in your hand. Take time out your day just to lay your phone down. Direct communication trumps texting.

+ Worrying. Stressing over anything won’t change the issue it will just magnify the problem and make you feel worse.

+ Not enjoying life. Live happens and before you know it so much time has passed. Make it a point to try something new and to laugh more.



What are some things you want to leave behind in 2014?


Go Through It.

We all have days that end with the feeling of what else could go wrong. And sometimes those days turn into weeks and you feel like you are barely making it.


But as my Mom would say “the world must go on”. Work still has to get done, your responsibilities don’t disappear and the people closest to you just want you to keep being the sunshine you usually are.

Recently I’ve had two weeks that were consistently crap and I felt myself about to be in a funk. But I had some major things that needed to get done — so I really didn’t have time for a pity party.

Usually when I’m starting to experience growing pains and seems life keeps kicking me, I shut down and only get the minimum done. Often leaving my dreams in the cold.

So this week when I was faced with the choice of hiding under my covers, excessive venting and binge watching Netflix. I decided to grow through my pains.

It was tough not to retreat and cut myself off from the world– I literally had to force myself to work through my tears. Yes it still stung but after the slump I had some major productivity to show for. Which equaled something to celebrate after the mini storm.

I’m sure Oprah has gone through stress and struggles but she still has to be the boss and make things happen.

Tip Jar.

+ Regroup in a minute. Take a minute or two or 30 for yourself. Let your loved ones know you need them to send some sunshine. Allow them to encourage you while you also encourage yourself.

+ Start your day. What are you feeding yourself as soon as you wake up? Put the social media down, iPhone away and begin with a simple thank you for another day! Begin to think on all the things that are going right!

+ Go to bed a little earlier. When life is pulling on you make sure you add an extra thirty minutes to your rest. You may not realized how drained you are until the end of the day.

+ The Big Picture. Yes it’ll feel temporarily good to just hide out but are you thinking about all the things that are piling up?

How do you face those stormy days?



The Day After — What’s your Role?

I had no intentions on writing about Ferguson — I really wanted to talk about thanksgiving with your family and in-laws but I guess I’ll save that for next year.


Yesterday was a very emotional day– it left me feeling hopeless and sad about the direction the USA is heading.

I looked at various people expressing their feelings, outrage and even happiness over the decision. One I’m a firm believer that we all have the right to voice our own opinions.

However, what stuck out to me and annoyed me was the lack of comments from celebrities, politicians, those who declare themselves role models, athletes and my list could go on.

Then I had to stop myself and really say what am I doing? Am I using my influence to the best of my ability. Yeah I expect people who have influence to speak up but I can’t depend on them to do the right thing.

If we are all pointing the finger saying what should happen– guess what? Nothing is happening.

There is never just one piece of the puzzle that solves the problem it takes all of us doing our part.

Note– but you have to do something and do it consistently.

Tip Jar.

+ Media. If your sick of how the media portrays what you are interested in– become a journalist. Write a blog. Get on YouTube. Become a producer.

+ Your community. Become involved in your community. Join civic organizations. Go to PTA meetings. Know what the heck is going on. Sit on boards. Support your small business owners.

+ Stick to it. Change never happens over night. If you want to protest do it but be committed for the long haul.

+ Be interested. In more than just shoes clothes and cars. Actually investigate, learn and read up on things of the world.


My list could go on and on. The point is look at yourself before you point the finger.

The difference between then and now is they lived what they believed in.


Sprinkle Love.

The Holiday Season is here– I’m so not ready.
This time is supposed to be about spending time with your family and friends — those closest to you and being thankful that you have amazing people around you.


Well everyone won’t have the opportunity to share time with those who are most important to them.

So I was thinking this would be the best time to do something other than think of ourselves and to do something kind for someone else.

I want to challenge you to #sprinklelove between now and the end of the year.

What does that look like?

Simply random acts of kindnesses. Pick three people you want to do something kind for.

Tip Jar — “rules”‘


# 1 Something small. A card. Gift card to get coffee or doughnuts, journal, pay for someone’s food behind you etc. Don’t make it about the gift but the act of kindness.

Or get creative. Do a small diy project.

# 2 Chain reaction. If you send something to someone you know encourage them to do the same for someone else. Or post on your social media only the rules and concept (not the gift or who you sent something to) and hopefully this will inspire other people to do the same. With the hashtag #sprinklelove


Ps I already have gotten started😉